Your Dynasty Questions Answered, Part V

After a week to re-charge, we’re back at it with the latest dynasty news and notes. Also, we’re back at answering your questions. Be sure to email us at dynastyfantasyfootballcentral(at) Taylor writes:

I’m in a quasi-dynasty 12 team keeper league non-PPR, starting 1QB (1pt/20yds passing & 6pt/pass TD), 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1(RB/WR/TE), 1K, 2LB, 2DL, 2DB, & 1(LB/DL/DB). IDP scoring is, presently, 1pt/tackle (.5/assist), 3/sack, 2/stuff (does not count sacks), 3/force fumble, 4/INT, and 1/pass defensed. However, there is a possibility IDP scoring may significantly increase this coming year.

We keep 10 players from our 25 player roster, giving free agency pretty good depth going into the next year. My roster is as follows:
QB: Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler
RB: Gio Bernard, D Murray, D Wilson, Helu, Gerhart, K Robinson, and L Murray
WR: Green, Gordon, VJax, Hopkins, Boykin, Jernigan
TE: J Cameron, L Green
LB: David, Wagner, Laurinaitis, D Smith
DL: Watt, Quinn
DB: B Pollard, H Smith, & J Cyprien
So, my current absolute keepers are Bernard, Murray, Green, Gordon, David, Watt, and Quinn
Leaving me with three spots left, who should I fill out my keepers with? I’m thinking VJax, Cameron, and either Wagner, Laurinaitis, or Hopkins.  I really don’t know how much it’s worth investing in speculation, but VJax is aging and TE’s are HUGELY important (I do like Cameron’s consistency though, especially also having Gordon). Yes, I know my team is stacked (came in 2nd this year), but I’m pulling my hair out trying to decide who to keep, and where on my roster I might be able to get value from trading. HELP!!!!!!

Alright, let’s take a look at your roster with your starting line up with the absolute keepers since I agree with all of those:

RB: Bernard
RB: Murray
WR: Green
WR: Gordon
DL: Watt
DL: Quinn
LB: David

QB – Your quarterbacks are good but not great. I would say they’re not even QB1 in your 12-team league so dropping them is ok. And while quarterback is certainly important, with only 12 teams in your league, it’s not as if there won’t be other options in your draft.

RB – You have several high-upside guys like David Wilson, Khiry Robinson and Latavius Murray but with only keeping 10 players, it’s a luxury you can’t afford right now. Besides, DeMarco Murray and Giovani Bernard, both under 27, are fine options in a dynasty league.

WR – With Josh Gordon and A.J. Green, you have two of the top five receivers in dynasty. Kudos to you for making that happen. Those are guys you’ll have for a few years. As for your other options, guys like Jerrell Jernigan and Jarrett Boykin also have a lot of upside but you just don’t have enough spots.

To me, dropping Vincent Jackson is preferable to dropping DeAndre Hopkins. Jackson is very talented and produces very well for fantasy teams. But he’s also 31 with a new coach and an uncertain situation at quarterback, three big red flags as you head in to next year and beyond. With DeAndre Hopkins, you’re getting a 22-year old that produced a 50-catch, 800-yard season with one of the worst quarterback situations in the league. And while he’ll have a new coach and quarterback as well, the assistance of Andre Johnson allows Hopkins’ game to open up. Houston is also a lot further long, talent-wise overall than Tampa. However, I still wouldn’t keep Hopkins because…

TE – In Jordan Cameron, you have a top five option at tight end that’s only 26. He’s coming off an 80-catch, 900-yard season with equally as bad quarterback play as the two receivers mentioned above. You can easily slot him in as your starter next year. To me, Cameron is a keeper.

This may come as a surprise but Ladarius Green also would be a keeper for me. Freakishly athletic at 6′ 6″ with a 4.5 40-time, Green has Jimmy Graham-like physical attributes. Green is the heir apparent to Antonio Gates and if quarterback Philip Rivers uses him like he did Gates in his prime, you’re in line for a few 1,000 yard, 10-touchdown seasons. As you alluded to, tight end is becoming more and more important. Having a tight end now and for the future can server you well.

DL – Again, kudos for snagging two of the top five defensive ends in the NFL and dynasty. Robert Quinn and J.J. Watt are both under 25 and play in aggressive schemes, insuring high sack totals. This is an easy call.

DB – Defensive back may be the most replaceable position in all of IDP football. The stats for defensive backs are just too random with a multitude of outside factors determining who gets tackles, interceptions, etc. You’re correct in passing on all of them.

LB – Lavonte David was a top three linebacker in fantasy leagues last year and shows no signs of slowing down. Just 24 and playing in new coach Lovie Smith’s system, David should replicate his production for man years to come. As far as keeping another linebacker, I think you’d be wise to do so, especially with IDP points potentially playing a bigger role in your league. I would keep Bobby Wagner as your second LB. Wagner racks up the tackles with 140 his rookie year and averaging 10 per game in his final eight games of 2013. Those tackle number would balance out David’s big-play ability nicely. He’ll be just 24 when the season starts and plays on one of the best defenses in the league, if not all time.

There you have it. I’d keep Cameron, Green, and Wagner to fill out your roster. Your defense of Quinn, Watt, David, and now Wagner should challenge for the best in your league. I’d also have a hard time believing there’s a stronger set of tight ends. Good luck!

Remember, send your questions to dynastyfantasyfootballcentral(at)!

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