Dynasty Recap – Week 10 – Vikings beat Redskins, 34-27

  • Redskins running back Alfred Morris continued to romp with 139 yards on 26 carries for a 5+ YPA. Good things happen when Morris gets the ball. You can lock him in as a good, young runner in a very fantasy-friendly offense.
  • Redskins tight end Jordan Reed had the second most targets with nine and hauled in six catches for 62 yards and a touchdown. Reed should be a top two option in the Redskins pass game for many years to come.
  • Vikings replacement tight end John Carlson led the team in targets with seven which just shows you how random the Vikings passing game is. No one can be trusted right now and there’s not even a dynasty hold except Patterson.
  • On defense, Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway had his best tackle game of the year with 16. Greenway has a good, but not great, year fantasy-wise. Greenway will be 31 next year and Minnesota may want to revamp a defense that’s currently 30th in yardage allowed.

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