Your dynasty questions answered, part X

jacksonRemember, email us your dynasty questions at dynastyfantasyfootballcentral(at)gmail(dot)com. Bryan asks,

We start QB, RB, WR, 3-Flex, Def & K., 0.5 PPR, bonus for 40+ yd catch/runs. No starting TE but we can flex one if we choose. Must start one RB and one WR and we can start RB/WR/TE as any of the 3 other Flex positions.

My Team
QB – Brady, G.Smith, C. Palmer
RB – M. Ball, A.Brown, J. Randle, B.Brown
WR – A.Jeffrey, E. Sanders, T. Williams, K. Stills, R. Wayne
Def – 49ers, STL
K – D. Bailey, N. Novak

Rookie/FA Draft I have 2nd & 7th overall picks

Should I accept the 3rd overall pick plus Steven Jackson for my 2nd overall pick?

That’s a tough one. Let’s break it down by position:

Quarterback – With Tom Brady at the helm, a quarterback isn’t necessary at 2, 3 or even 7. That will allow you to use both first round picks on a running back or receiver.

Running Back – You have your starter in Montee Ball but nothing else as far as a flex position. Both Browns and Randle are nothing more than backups. The question whether Steven Jackson will add some punch. Last year was a nightmare for Jackson as he was injured most of the year and averaged only 3.5 YPC. Now, he played behind a horrible line which is now vastly improved but he’s also 30 years old. Running back is definitely a need for you but, personally, I don’t think Steven Jackson is going to do it.

For your draft, if you consider our first rookie mock draft, you’ll have your pick of running backs at seven. You could go with an instant starter like Bishop Sankey or even Jackson’s backup Devonta Freeman who is impressing in minicamp.

Wide Receiver – You have a stud in Jeffery so there’s your starter. Emmanuel Sanders will be a great flex play now that he’s in Denver. You have a couple of guys that could fill in for one of the flex positions including Reggie Wayne or even Kenny Stills. That leaves you with one of the top receivers in this years rookie class, whoever is left of Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins. Both are elite prospects who should produce right away for you.

In conclusion, I don’t think the gap between a Watkins or Evans is that great over other receiver prospects like Odell Beckham or Brandin Cooks. But I have my doubts that Steven Jackson still has any gas left in the tank. I think you’d do well to get a Watkins/Evans plus a potential running back in your fist round.

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