Ask a Dynasty Question!

Now that the NFL Draft is over and dynasty leagues are revving up, be sure to ask a dynasty question for DFFC. Email us at dynastyfantasyfootballcentral(at)gmail(dot)com. From dynasty draft picks and trades to rankings, let us hear it!

8 thoughts on “Ask a Dynasty Question!

  1. I was thinking of picking up LB Jamie Collins and dropping Trent Richardson. This move would leave me with 3 RBs on my roster ( McCoy, Murray and J Hill). This would give me an extra LB with Mack’s bye in week 5. What are your thoughts? Should I wait until week 4 to get a LB replacement? I would try and trade trich but no one want to trade for him. Thoughts?

    • So it is time to cut him you think? I only have room for one RB. I dropped Bortles for Taliaferro last night. I have Ryan as my starter so I think I’m good at QB. I was thinking ivory just because of bradshaw’s neck might not hold up.

    • I just put in a waiver claim for Ridley and I would have to drop Richardson. Would you drop T Rich or Taliaferro since it looks like 2 RB are ahead of him this year? I also put a claim on Antoine Cason and dropping Eric Weddle. I know Weddle is ranked higher but Cason seems to be very involved in the Panthers tackles. Do you think these are good moves?

  2. I like the Ridley move. He had a nice day and would take him over Taliaferro in any scenario.

    If you’re in a tackle-heavy league, I could see a case for Cason. DB’s are so hard to predict as it is, I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

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