Your Dynasty Questions Answered, Part IV

Another question, this time about the value of a pick in dynasty rookie drafts against a proven commodity. Don’t forget to send your questions to dynastyfantasyfootballcentral(at) Chris says:
“Unique format – 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX. 12-team full point PPR. To me this format is all about having quality WR depth. Would you give up the #3 pick in this years rookie draft for Torrey Smith? I have a roster that is able to win now and in favor of making the deal but would like another opinion.”
That is a tough call. Just going off of that information, I’d be inclined to do that trade as well. While this draft has a ton of depth at nearly every position, there are no slam dunk prospects such as Andrew Luck a few years ago. You’ll still be able to get quality talent in later rounds even at the receiver position. Rotoworld recently had a great piece on the second-tier of receivers in this years draft who all will most likely be available in the second and third rounds.
For Smith, he’s still just 25 so it’s not as if you’re trading for a 30-something receiver. He set career highs with 65 catches and over 1,100 yards this year while being the only effective Baltimore offensive weapon which, subsequently, forced defenses to focus more on covering him. Should Baltimore upgrade at the opposite receiver position or along the offensive line so they allow less than three sacks a game, Smith’s value with only increase.
At the end of the day, built to win or not, getting Torrey Smith for the third overall is worth it.

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