Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – August 2014

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  • cutlerTop five remains in the same order with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, and Drew Brees. 
  • Top rookies stay the same with Teddy Bridgewater at 15; Johnny Manziel at 17; Blake Bortles at 20; Derek Carr at 28.
  • The only real mover this month is Jay Cutler up to 14 from 18. Cutler is primed for a bounce back season if he can stay healthy.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – July 2014

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  • rodgersTop five dynasty quarterbacks remains the same with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees. 
  • The rookie class includes Teddy Bridgewater at 14; Johnny Manziel at 16; Blake Bortles at 20; and Derek Carr at 28.
  • The only significant drop was Philip Rivers this month. It’ll be interesting to see what Rivers does without Ken Whisenhunt as his offensive coordinator this year.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – June 2014

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  • NFL: New York Giants at San Diego ChargersTop five remains the same with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, and Drew Brees. 
  • Only real riser this month was Philip Rivers from 17th to 14th. He will have receiver Malcolm Floyd back and another year or Keenan Allen. Rivers is more a high-end QB2 instead of a low-tier QB1.
  • Rookie Blake Bortles drops from 15 to 20. Bortles may be more polarizing than Johnny Manziel as far as what his value will ultimately be. He probably won’t go lower than the second round in dynasty rookie drafts.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – May 2014

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  • bridgewaterNo changes in the top five. It goes Rodgers, Luck, Newton, Stafford, Brees. 
  • Rookies entering the rankings for the first time include Teddy Bridgewater at 14; Blake Bortles at 15; Johnny Manziel at 19; and Derek Carr at 25. So none are quite QB1’s yet but could be serviceable QB2’s. For now.
  • The inevitable fallout includes Eli Manning from 22nd to 27th; Alex Smith from 24th to 29th; Mike Glennon from 25th to 31st; Mike Vick from 30th to 36th; and Brian Hoyer from 32nd to 37th. A lot of it is age except for Glennon who suddenly had competition in Josh McCown.

Your dynasty questions answered, Part IX

bortlesCarmen asks,

I have the 28th overall pick and am looking at a couple of defensive players: Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Calvin Pryor, or Louis Nix. But, Blake Bortles and Paul Richardson are still on the board and QB2 and depth at WR are a need. I don’t pick again until the 48th overall pick. Thoughts?

First the defensive players. Neither safety is an elite prospect in the Eric Berry-mold so I think you’re ok to pass on them here and believe you could snag one with that next pick. Nix is a defensive tackle who won’t put up a ton of sacks and won’t be a factor in dynasty.

Looking at offense, I just don’t see the value in Richardson. He’s currently fifth on the depth chart of a run-heavy team. He’s also coming off major knee injuries in 2011 and 2012.

I’d take Bortles if he’s still there. Yes, he’s the most raw of this years quarterback class but he has the size and smarts to be a dynasty asset. It’s very possible he sees little-to-no action this year but you figure he’s on a long leash in Jacksonville after investing that high of a pick in him. They also surrounded him with talent at the receiver position which will ease some of the growing pains.

In conclusion, quarterback is a premium position in real life and in dynasty leagues. Getting someone potentially as good as Bortles is a steal at 28.

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Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – March 2014

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  • Slight change at the top as Cam Newton and Drew Brees, switch spots. Your new top five is Rodgers, Luck, Newton, Brees, Stafford. 
  • Your risers include Miami’s Ryan Tannehill, up two spots to 15th. Tannehill got high marks from two of our three sources but, personally, he needs to show something this year to keep this spot. Otherwise, expect Miami to start looking forward.
  • Biggest drop of the month was Eli Manning. Now 33 and losing his (former) #1 receiver, Manning will need to hit the brakes on the downward trend he’s had the last few years. His touchdown totals have gone from 31 to 29 to 26 to 18 over the last four years. The 18 represents his lowest total since his rookie year. Yowza.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – February 2014, 2.0

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  • The top five remains unchanged with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Stafford. 
  • Biggest drop was Matt Ryan but that’s more to do with the rise of Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, and Nick Foles. The Falcons will be a hot pick for bounce back team of the year.
  • The biggest riser was Ryan Mallett of the Patriots. Tom Brady is a year older and Mallett is still there. It only figures that he’s the quarterback of the future.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – February 2014

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  • Top five is unchanged with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Stafford.
  • Eagles quarterback Nick Foles continues to climb, this month to eight. You wouldn’t think Foles stock could go any higher. However, it’s important to remember that Foles was not a Chip Kelly product so it’s not entirely unreasonable to think Kelly will want someone else down the road. But for now, Foles value will never be higher.
  • Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III continues his slide to #11. He’s officially in ‘buy low’ territory and should benefit from a health off-season and a new scheme that’s more pass friendly. 
  • On the other side, Redskins backup Kirk Cousins has moved up to 28th on the heels of RG3’s poor season but I’m not sure why. He had a 52% completion percentage in 2013 and a 4:7 TD:INT ratio. It appears cousins is still living off his rookie season. You shouldn’t though. 

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – January 2014, 2.0

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  • The top five remains the same with Rodgers, Luck, Brees, Newton, and Stafford. Luck did gain some ground though.
  • The Nick Foles rise has finally settled in at #10. I think you could do a lot worse with Foles as your QB1 in dynasty leagues.
  • Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is the other big riser going up to 14th from 17th. Rivers found his touch again and has some exciting new weapons in Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead. It will be interesting to see how he does with the recent departure of offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.
  • Giants quarterback Eli Manning continues his downward slide to 19th from 15th. He will be losing receiver Hakeem Nicks in the off-season and has little-to-no running game for protection.

Updated Dynasty Quarterback Rankings – January 2014

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  • No major changes in the first dozen. Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Andrew Luck still make up the top three.
  • The big riser continues to be Nick Foles who is now up to #13. Looking at the 12 ahead of him, it makes sense. Jay Cutler also moves up a bit thanks to his new contract which insures he’ll be surrounded by top-notch talent for a bit.
  • The drops continue for Eli Manning who will have a new offensive coordinator next year. Keep an eye out for that one. Terrelle Pryor also drops thanks to the likelihood that Oakland drafts a quarterback with their first pick.