Updated Dynasty Running Back Rankings – April 2015

Complete updated dynasty running back rankings can be found here.

  • It’s been awhile since the last look at dynasty running backs so a lot has changed. LeSean McCoy was unseated as the top dynasty running back by Le’Veon Bell. After him are familiar faces in Eddie Lacy and Jamaal Charles. An old face in a new place is DeMarco Murray at four with McCoy at five. The rest of the top ten includes veterans Marshawn Lynch at six and Matt Forte at eight. Meanwhile, newcomers Jeremy Hill (seventh); C.J. Anderson (ninth); and Lamar Miller (10th) enter the mix.

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Updated Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings – April 2015

Complete updated dynasty wide receiver rankings can be found here

  • It’s been awhile since our last rankings but above is the final look at wide receivers before the 2015 NFL Draft. The updated top five is now Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas, and Antonio Brown.
  • Interesting notes are Calvin Johnson not only dropping from the top spot but out of the top five completely.
  • Four of last year’s rookies, all first round picks are in the top 15: Odell Beckham at 7, Mike Evans at 8, Sammy Watkins at 12, and Kelvin Benjamin at 15. This year’s rookie class is talented too but we may have reached the apex of top receiver talent with so many out there.

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Updated Dynasty Wide Receiver Rankings – October 2014

Complete updated wide receiver rankings here.

  • BenjaminTop five  remains  the same with Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, and A.J. Green staying the same. Julio Jones and Demaryius Thomas swapped fourth and fifth.
  • Big risers this week include Kelvin Benjamin to 18th from 37th; Emmanuel Sanders to 42nd from 56th; and John Brown to 60th from 72nd.
  • Big drops this month include Larry Fitzgerald at 28th from 21st; Tavon Austin to 45th from 34th.

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Your dynasty questions answered, part XIV

janisWe continue our ongoing series of answering your dynasty questions. Today we cover the deep sleepers. Jeff asks,

I’m in a deep dynasty league (40 player rosters X 12 teams) and have the opportunity to pick up some of the leftovers from the waiver wire. Our wire currently includes guys like Juwan Thompson, Jeff Janis, Damien Williams (the RB, not the WR), Kevin Ogletree and a handful of other really deep sleeper types. If you had to pick two from the list above, who would it be? And would you recommend any other super deep guys?

With rosters that big, you have to go dumpster diving. However, occasionally you’ll find some gold down there. From the group you mentioned above, I’d go Juwan Thompson and Jeff Janis.

  • My favorite of the group would be Janis. He’s 6′ 3″ (yes, size matters as explained by this very good article about receivers and height), on a very good, pass-happy offense that has stability, and is a rookie. I’d keep Janis with an eye on 2015.
  • Juwan Thompson is part of the merry-go-round known as the Broncos running back corps. There never seems to be certainty in Denver which means anyone could be called on at anytime including Thompson. Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson are JAG’s. Thompson can already pass protect and play special teams, where he’ll probably spend most of his time.
  • Another sleeper I’d consider is Brandon Williams, tight end from Carolina. He’s 6′ 3″ with a 4.5 40-time and earned high marks in the run game this pre-season. As Greg Olsen can attest, Carolina uses their tight ends more than most and Williams has only Ed Dickson ahead of him on the depth chart.

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Your Dynasty Questions Answered Here, Part XIII

jefferyWe roll on with your dynasty fantasy football questions answered. Ryan asks:

I am in a keeper “by round drafted” league and need to keep 2 of the guys listed. I think I have some great options. I’ve got it listed in order of how I am leaning now, but I could justify picking several of these guys. Help!

  • Alshon Jeffrey – 10th
  • Jimmy Graham – 3rd
  • Eddie Lacy – 3rd
  • Keenan Allen – undrafted
  • Dez Bryant – 2nd
  • Andrew Luck – 5th

That’s quite the roster you accumulated and hope you went far last year! As for this year, you have to look at the value you’re getting. First, I would keep Jimmy Graham if it means giving up ‘only’ a third rounder. If you check out his average ADP, Graham is going in the first round in most drafts. Only giving up a third is a value and gives you an elite option at tight end.

The second option is a little trickier. For me, it’s between Alshon Jeffery and a 10th and Keenan Allen, who was undrafted. His 89/1,421/7 line was incredible and should continue in the same offense as last year. Allen had a very good season with 71/1,046/8 but is not in the same offense as Jeffery. Both provide good value with later picks but I give the edge to Jeffery.

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